• Alicia Fulton

Our first big farm project!

It's been a busy summer on the farm!

We've been enjoying milking cows, making hay, raising chickens and even a few pigs.

Sarai and Josiah on a pile of hay bales ready to be stacked in the barn.

The kids love going out to the barn every morning to help with milking.

Josiah (age 5) and Elijah (age 3) even like helping to scrape the manure into the gutters after the cows are out of the barn and back to the pasture.

Sarai (age 7) likes to make sure all of the calves are well taken care of - she names them all and makes sure to give them some more hay "when they look a little hungry and need a hay snack" :-).

Our newest calf, a heifer. Sarai named her Deena.

After moving and settling into the farmhouse this past spring, Nick also got to work on our first big project - building a two-mile permanent perimeter fence around the whole farm! It can seem overwhelming at times, but things have been coming along slowly but surely.

First, you might ask - why are we building two miles of fence?

A perimeter fence is needed to implement the management-intensive grazing system we will be using on the farm. Management-intensive grazing involves giving the cattle access to only the amount of pasture they will eat in one day, and moving them every day to a fresh area of pasture.

Nick drills holes in fiberglass posts. Josiah is taking them and stacking them below after they are drilled.

The first step in building the fence has been to sand and paint 400 fiberglass posts. The white paint will help protect the fiberglass from the sun and prevent it from splintering. The orange, unpainted end will be in the ground.

After painting the posts, four holes in each post need to be drilled. A soft wire will go through each hole and twisty-tie around high-tensile electric wire to hold it in place.

Almost all of the posts have been sanded, painted, and drilled.

Next will be to finish clearing some brush on the fence line, lay out where the corners of the fence will be and pound them in the ground.

We've been very grateful to have help from both my (Alicia's) dad and Nick's dad in getting the posts ready, as well as other community members and their fencing knowledge and equipment.

Thanks for reading our update! :)

If you are looking for a quarter, half or whole 100% grass-fed beef, we do still have some available for an August 21st processing date (meat pick-up would be about two weeks later), just send us a text/call/e-mail or use our contact form on the website. :)


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