• Alicia Fulton

Camping the pasture, More hay, and Apples! :)

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

It's been a fun time out at the farm the past few weeks. We've been soaking in the beautiful weather that makes working outside so enjoyable this time of year. The first crisp nights have begun and we know fall will be here soon.

Earlier this month, Nick and our older 3 children decided to camp out in the pasture near the cows for a night. Although they were woken up by a bit of mooing in the night, they had fun and had some beautiful views in the morning.

Morning views after camping in the pasture.

We also finished putting our third crop of hay in the barn about a week ago. It didn't yield as much as we had hoped due to some winter-kill of alfalfa in the pasture, so we are going to have to buy some hay this year. We're learning as we go that farming can be unpredictable with variations in weather, etc. and it's important to be able to take things as they come and adjust where needed.

The kids and some of their friends had fun helping unload hay bales. :)

We've also been doing lots of preserving and enjoying the abundance of vegetables coming out of the garden. There is an apple tree right next to the farmhouse that has been producing a lot of apples - we've been making lots of applesauce!!

The kids working together to make applesauce! They love putting the cooked apples through the strainer.

Ezra loves the apples too! (and snuggles from Tigger, our barn cat :)

Thanks for reading our update! Our next beef processing dates are September 18th, October 1st and October 9th. After that we don't have an appointment until January, so if you are still looking for beef this year, please contact me as soon as you can to reserve. :)

Happy cows grazing by the pond. :)


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