The Fulton Family: Our Story

As a young married couple, Nick and I (Alicia) began learning about how to grow our food. 


We had watched the documentary "Food Inc" and been amazed by what we hadn't known about how most of the food in our country is produced. 


At the same time, I had been learning a lot about traditional food preparation - culturing dairy, fermenting vegetables, and cooking from scratch - through information from the Weston A Price Foundation. 


We became convinced that food raised right - pasturing animals and growing vegetables organically - went hand-in-hand with traditional food preparation to encourage optimal health. 


We are honored to provide these nourishing foods for others.

What we Believe 

We believe that the Lord designed an ecosystem in which there is little to no waste.  This principle can be seen clearly on a small farm - all food scraps go to the pigs or chickens, and any other organic matter is composted.  


We believe that having a variety of animal species on the farm creates a more balanced, healthy environment.  Different species have different diets, and even different species of herbivores (ex. sheep versus cattle) will prefer different plants to eat.  Having different species on the farm can also keep certain parasites in check. 


It's our goal to continue to add different species to the farm to encourage the benefits that come with this diversity.

We believe that in nature, animals are always moving to new ground and mimicking this benefits the farm's environment as well.  Rotating grazing animals to fresh ground daily is called management-intensive grazing.  We are currently transitioning into this cattle management style.

We believe that following the Lord's design in nature encourages healthier soil, healthier animals and ultimately healthier food for us to eat.



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